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Online Test Series Portal (GATE 2018)
GATE Online Test Series 2018

GateGurus provides an All India platform with students giving the Online GATE Test across India. All India Online GATE Test Series for GATE 2018, is a series of Subject wise Tests, Mixed Subject Tests and Full Length Tests which provides a comprehensive assessment module for GATE Aspirants.
The Platform provided by GateGurus for Online Examinations gives the actual feel of the ONLINE GATE Examination.
Features of tar-GATE 2018 Online Test Series

• 1 Free Practice Test Online
• 36 Subject-wise Tests Online
• 06 Mixed Subjects Tests Online
• 08 Full Syllabus Tests Online
• User interface is similar to actual Online GATE
• Questions include numerical answer type
• Available in Online mode only.
• Best Student Panel for Self Performance Evaluation