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83.27% students continue to prepare for their GATE exam until the last date which builds up stress.


6 points to remember the day before your GATE exam. 4th point really works.

Do you know that according to the latest Research,

Stress is the single most reason for the failure of students in competitive exams

83.27% students continue to prepare for their GATE exam until the last date which builds up stress.

We want to share a secret with you,

last day before the exam is a perfect time for you to calm down and relax.

You have done a lot of preparation for your GATE exam with mock tests, study materials, doubt sessions which has covered all the concepts which you need to crack the exam.

We at Gate Gurus have seen students who always performed great in class during the test series and did all the preparation

But still could not crack GATE.

We took out time and tried to encounter this problem so that our bright students never have to fail again,

Keeping this problem in mind,

Our experts and counselors at GATE GURUS curated tips which work for every student who is preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test

Don’t panic

Yes we know, it becomes tough to keep calm and relax when the next day is the day where you have to show all the hard work and that too in a few hours.

So to avoid panic listen to the music and laugh out loud is the best solution.

Listening to music will help you to calm down and relax your mind.

Click here and listen to our specially created playlist 1 hour before your exam.

Get some exercise

Physiology impacts Psychology and vice versa. Exercising your body releases Adrenaline (Happy hormone) which helps you to relieve your stress.

If you have a gym membership, hit the gym. If you don’t then go for a short walk, playing your favorite sport, and dancing on your favorite song really helps you to release stress.


It’s a proven fact that meditation helps you to relieve stress.

It gives your mind a break and recharges the whole body.

Even a simple act of observing your breath and sitting alone in a quiet room for 5 minutes can help you to meditate.


Eat light food

It’s a very famous saying that what you eat is what you become.

Having light food which may include fruits, green vegetables, and low oil foods will help you to counter your stress.

Your body will also feel recharged and very energetic.

Get healthy sleep

Your mind deserves at least 8 hours of sleep before anything important like the GATE exam.

To be in your best form on the day of your exam, the role of healthy sleep is very important.

But make sure you don’t oversleep as it will make you feel tired when you will wake up.

Keep your alarm clock ready before going to bed.

Have everything ready

At the last time there are things that you might forget to carry in your exam hall because of stress or tension so don’t forget to pack tools day before your exam.

Make sure to keep extra pen and pencil, your Id proof and most importantly your exam admission form.



Revising, again and again, leaves you with nothing useful but stress and anxiety which will impact your performance.

It’s better to keep calm and give break to your mind and who knows you may top this year GATE exam.

Best of luck from Team Gate Gurus.  


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