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All the engineering students who aspire to sit in the GATE 2020 and ESE 2020 exam must have begun their preparation.

All the engineering students who aspire to sit in the
GATE 2020 and ESE 2020 exam must have begun their preparation. Long hours study,  lots of practice and revision, right now, you all might be concentrating on how to crack GATE/ESE exam in the first attempt.

While some of you might have chosen to study at home, others might be attending regular classroom from coaching institutes to have a better understanding of the subjects.

The syllabus exam is huge with limited time hence, the coaching institutes ensure not to miss out on anything. Teachers at the coaching institutes with special tips and trick to crack the exam, try their best to cover every bit of the syllabus so that the students won’t face during the exam.

These classroom programs involve long-run classes and it has been noticed that the engineering students who are recently passed out, find it difficult to cope up with these long study hours.

And, this problem is not specific in one student or two but almost all.

So, here in this blog, GateGurus is helping you out with some tips to get by these study hours.

Getting along with long hours of classroom program:

1. Keep yourself busy with notes-making: We understand that the human conscious mind has some limitations.

So, while you are listening to all teaching going on in the class, you might not even aware of the taught stuff in reality.

Hence, make sure that you note down of important things so that you can use it in the future. Making notes also keeps your mind busy and active and saves you from boredom.

2. Ask questions:
If you listen carefully and feel doubtful then, don’t keep it for another day. Many a time, that doubt can lead to further confusion in other topics and brew no interest in the class. Therefore, don’t leave any doubts in your head, clear it the same day which would make you lose interest in the most important purpose of your life.

3. Read the Topics Yourself in Advance: It is one of the best ways to create interest in the topic going to be taught in the class and feel less bore or disinterested. When you join any coaching institute’s classroom program, you are given a copy of the whole syllabus. Now that you know the syllabus and the topics being covered in the classroom, you can study that in advance.

This habit always helps in creating interest in the classroom and not to mention that this is counted as your self-study regime.

4. Try to Sit in the Front Benches: You will find it a bit funny but it works; sitting under the nose of your teacher can keep you attentive. Sitting at the back benches, on the other hand, makes your sense organs a little less aware. So, if you want to learn keenly without getting bored in the class, prefer sitting in the front seats.

5. Consistency is the Only Key: The main reason why you find it difficult to adjust to these long hours classes is that you are not used to such a study schedule. So, no matter what you try, attending those classes regularly is the only way to get along with these long-run classes.

So, don’t worry if it is getting hard to adjust in the starting, if you will keep attending then, you’ll find it normal afterward. And, the case would be the same if you are studying at home too.

Make sure you don’t quit the classes after getting enrolled for the classes; it would be a waste of money and this way, you would be shutting down one of the best career prospects.

6. Don’t Forget That it was your Dream: That monotonous lifestyle and long study hours can discourage you but you shouldn't abandon your dream just like that.

When we aspire for something big then we should anticipate the hurdles and not run away from them. If it would have been easier, everybody had done it. So, keep reminding yourself that cracking GATE 2020 is your dream, moreover, your future depends on it.

7. Understand the fact that long study hours are needed: As you know that syllabus is huge and you have limited time. Not only you have to cover the syllabus but you have to save time for practice and revision too. Hence, this long-run study regime is needed.

Also, the GATE and ESE exam duration are 3 hours, you have to sit for 3 hours straight in the examination hall with the utmost preparation.

Some Health Tips:

We know that preparation for this exam needs a lot of studies, hard work, dedication, and off-course time!

But in this tenacious journey don’t forget to take care of your health; it should always be your top-most priority.

 So, always remember to follow the below mentioned points:

1.Keep Yourself Hydrated



2. Avoid Junk and Fast Food



3. Regular Exercise/Meditation




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